New Hampton, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1886


NEWBURG, N.Y., Aug. 6.---This morning at 7:30 o'clock as Conductor George Cook's Erie freight train, consisting in large part of loaded oil cars, was nearing New-Hampton, bound east, a journal broke under the tender of the engine. Twelve cars with the tender were derailed, eight of the former rolling down an embankment, and the others being scattered about over both tracks, completely blocking them. Jesse Martin, the head brakeman, had a narrow escape from death. Five of the 14 cars wrecked were loaded with oil in barrels, but the most of it was saved. The mountain express and train No. 4 east were detained at Middletown for a while and were then run around the wreck via the Ontario and Western Road to Campbell Hall, and thence over the Montgomery branch of the Erie to Goshen. The same route was taken by the newspaper train from New-York, the Delaware Valley express, and the day express west. These trains were all from three to six hours late. The Jersey City wreckers cleared the track by 1 P. M. While the wreckers were at work the car upon which the derrick is secured was upset and 20 men at work on and about the car had a narrow escape for their lives. The loss to the Erie Road by this wreck is a heavy one.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Aug 1886