New York, NY Train Wreck, Nov 1917


Two Workmen Also Injured When Freights Crash on Bridge.

Three men were crushed to death and two seriously injured yesterday afternoon when a north-bound New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad train crashed into another train of stalled, stone laden cars on the Willow Avenue Bridge at 138th Street. The dead and injured were either inside or on the platform of the caboose of the moving train, which crumpled like cardboard between the two heavy colliding strings of cars.

The Dead.

CIAZOLELLO, DAMPO, 26 years, laborer 239 East 151st Street; crushed between the caboose and a flat car.

LAVELL, 41 years, laborer, 456 East 146th Street; crushed between the caboose and the locomotive.

TERRILLI, BUISEPPE, 37 years, laborer, 239 East 151st Street' crushed between the caboose and a car.

The Injured.

McENROE, EDWARD, conductor of the moving train, 461 East 136th Street; crushed between caboose and engine; fractured left leg' taken to Lincoln Hospital.

PALAZZI, JOHN, 27 years, laborer, 222 East 150th Street; left leg fractured; taken to Lincoln Hospital.

According to an investigation by Coroner Healy last night, both trains had been loaned by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad to the contracting firm of Wilson & English of Astoria, which had been finishing work on the new New York Connecting Railroad Bridge, which is to unite the Long Island and New Haven systems by a bridge over Randall's Island. The bridge connects with the New Haven system on 132d Street. Just what the stalled stone-laden gondola cars were doing as far north as 138th Street, Coroner Healy could not learn.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Nov 1917