Hermiker, NY Explosion and Fire, Nov 1922

Wrecked By Incendiary.

Explosions and Fire Destroy Herkimer Building in Early Morning.

Herkimer, N.Y., Nov. 30.-A three-story brick building in East Smith Street was destroyed by explosions and fire soon after 4:30 o’clock this morning. Firemen attributed the destruction to incendiarism. The entire front of the building was blown into the street, the interior bursting into flames. Within a few minutes a second explosion brought down the three floors and demolished the rest of the structure.

The building which housed two stores and three apartments, was owned by E. Tetrucci of 156 West Fiftieth Street, New York, and was insured for $21,5000. Tetrucci said he had cheese insured for $3,200 stored in the apartments, which had been vacant for three years.

Firemen said they found a barrel containing kerosene. “I would like to meet the chap that did it.” the Fire Chief said. “I would tell him it was a perfect job.”

The New York Times, New York, NY 1 Dec 1922