Finks Basin, NY Train Wreck, May 1907


Cleveland Special Crashes Into Freight Wreck at Finks Basin - Baggageman Killed - Three Passengers Injured.

A freight engine, east bound on the New York Central railroad, jumped the track at Finks Basin, east of Little Falls, Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock and the Buffalo & Cleveland special train 29, west bound, crashed into the wreckage.

Baggageman FINLEY, of New York, was instantly killed and Engineer TREMBLY of the passenger train was injured. Engineer HYDE and his fireman of the freight were badly scalded. Others hurt and now in the Little Falls hospital are:
MR. AND MRS. B. W. FOLGER, of Toronto, Can., body and hands injured.
MR. ALLSBURG, New York, feet injured.

Conductor LUDDINGTON was in charge of the passenger train and he said that the freight engine jumped the track just as the passenger train approached, going in the opposite direction.

MR. AND MRS. B. W. FOLGER are well known in Watertown. MRS. FOLGER was MISS MINNIE SHAW, daughter of the late Col. And Mrs. A. D. Shaw. MR. AND MRS. FOLGER reside in Toronto, where MR. FOLGER is the manager of a Toronto and Lewiston steamboat line.

Lowville Journal & Republican 1907-05-23