Scio, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1856


A sad accident happened on the New York & Erie R. R., on Saturday evening last, at Scio, by which HENRY WRIGHT, aged 17, son of Col. J. N. WRIGHT of Covington, lost his life. MR. WRIGHT was fireman on a freight train, and his brother, CLARK WRIGHT was engineer of the same train. It seems that HENRY was standing on the bunting beam of the engine, oiling the cylinders, while his brother was running the train on to a turnout for the purpose of stopping over the Sabbath. By some motion of the engine, HENRY lost his balance and fell upon the track in front of the engine. His brother CLARK seeing him jump, reversed the engine and tried to stop the train, but he was knocked down by the cow-catcher and was run over by the engine, tender, and seven freight cars before the train stopped so that he could be picked up.
His body was terribly mangled. His brother GEORGE and CLARK WRIGHT and brother-in-law, JOHN L. LEE, passed through this place with the body on Monday evening, taking him to Covington, where he was buried on Tuesday. -- Mansfield Express.

The Agitator Pennsylvania 1856-08-28