New York, NY Carbonated Gas Explosion, May 1903

Courier Journal newspaper, Louisville, KY - Saturday 16 May 1903


MRS. KATE TAYLOR Killed By Explosion of Carbonated Gas

New York, May 15 - MRS. KATE TAYLOR is dead as the result of teh explosion of carbonated gas used for making soda water, which wrecked the rear rooms in her store. A bed in one apartment was blown to splinters and the plaster ceilings were reduced to dust.

MRS. TAYLOR kept a small confectionery store. In the front was a soda fountain, the gas for which came from the tank which stood about thirty feet in the rear.

MRS. TAYLOR went to attach a tube to the tank. Whether the tank contained too much gas or whether the woman did not handle it properly cannot be learned. She had gone from the front part of the store less than a minute when the explosion occurred. The ceilings fell and parts of the woodwork were blown fully one hundred feet across the street.