Bronx, NY Electric Train Wreck, Feb 1907


Twenty Killed and Over Fifty Injured in New York City.

New York. --- Sixteen passengers were killed outright, four others had died of their injuries in the wreck of the White Plains & Brewster express on the Harlem division of the New York Central & Hudson River railroad near Woodlawn road in the Bronx borough of Greater New York Saturday night.

A sheet of electric flame that signaled the disaster enveloped the rear car and for a moment threatened to roast the victims pinioned in the debris. The flames did not, however, spread, and the horror of a holocaust was averted. As the cars fell they smashed the third rail, breaking the current and ending danger from this source. In the crash, however, there was death for many, while practically everyone in the four coaches received injuries of some sort. Many were ground to pieces and for hours identification was almost hopeless. As the cars went over, many of the passengers were thrown into or through the windows and cur or maimed.

After stopping at One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street the train was scheduled to run express to White Plains. At Woodlawn road the four tracks run through a rocky cut and take a sharp curve.

When the train reached the curve it was running at a speed estimated by some at sixty miles an hour.

Both motors and the smoking car swung safely around the curve. But the other cars left the rails, plunging over on their sides with a terrific crash and tearing up the tracks for 100 yards before they collapsed. Of those instantly killed by far the greater number were women. Many were mangled beyond recognition.

Summit County Journal Colorado 1907-02-23

The Dead:
MARY BEALS, Bedford Station, N.Y.
MRS. EDWARD BRADY, Golden's Bridge, N.Y.
MYRON E. EVANS, civil engineer, White Plains, N.Y.
CLARA L. HUDSON, No. 1776 Colfax Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn.
MISS JESSIE M. JUBIN, superintendent of music, White Plains High School, Frankfort, N.Y.
MRS. MARY KINCH, thirty-five years old, Chappaqua, N.Y.
MRS. ANNE M. McLANE, widow of William Lawrence McLane of New York.
MISS ANNIE MOOREHEAD, pupil of Mrs. Knox's School, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
MRS. E. F. NEWCOMB, sixty years old, Pike, Wyoming County, N.Y.
CHARLES FREMONT PAGE, forty-three years old, No. 40 Barker Avenue, White Plains, N.Y.
MRS. DOROTHY W. PERRIN, thirty years old, Bedford Station, N.Y.
ROBERT ROSBOROUGH, salesman, White Plains, N.Y.
BESSIE SEE, Pleasantville, N.Y.
ANNIE SIERONI, White Plains, N.Y.
JULIA M. STORM, Bedford Station, N.Y.
ELSIE D. WARREN, No. 240 West End Avenue.
MRS. ISAAC L. WEBSTER, White Plains, N.Y.
The Seriously Injured:
MISS MAUD CARR, Intervale Avenue, White Plains; concussion of the brain.
MRS. MABEL CLARK, White Plains; concussion of the brain.
EUGENIA DOYLE, No. 302 West 112th Street; contusions of body and possible fracture of skull; Lebanon Hospital.
IRA J. DUTTON, No. 6 Irving Place, White Plains; compound fracture of leg; Fordham Hospital.
ARABELLA FOWLER, Pleasantville, N.Y.; compound fracture of the left leg; Fordham Hospital.
JAMES A. McNICHOLS, No. 218 West 21st Street; fractured right hand; Fordham Hospital.
MARGARET MAHONEY, Purdy's, N.Y.; compound fracture of both legs, left leg amputated; Fordham Hospital.
SARAH MERRITT, Pleasantville, N.Y.; fracture of both legs and arms; Fordham Hospital.
ERNEST NOLL, Mount Kisco; fractures and lacerations; Lincoln Hospital.
JOSEPHINE SHARP, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.; scalp and neck would; taken home.
ANNA A. SHEA, White Plains; wound in back; Lebanon Hospital.
MABEL SMITH, Oneonta, N.Y.; fractured skull; Lebanon Hospital.
ELSIE SNIFFEN, eleven years old, Englewood, N.J.; compound fracture of the skull, fractured neck and right shoulder; Lebanon Hospital; may die.
MRS. EDNA TEN BROECK, White Plains; contusions, lacerations and possible fractures; Lebanon Hospital.
CHARLOTTE YOUNG, nurse, thirty years old, Pleasantville, N.Y.; compound fracture of both hands; Fordham Hospital.

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looking for a relative's death

I am related to Annie Stengle Oswald who was killed in an accident 2/1907 .. although her name is not listed it is the only accident that comes close to what I'm looking for. 'Guy' there was a son who was adopted by the 'Stengle family', he was the son of Annie. He grew up and married and had two daughters, Carol and Kay. They live in NJ.

Bronx 1907 Train Wreck

Bronx, NY Electric Train Wreck, Feb 1907

I was looking up this train accident and found this on the web. Hope this helps with your inquiry.

Guy, If you find a list

If you find a list please let me know too! My great grandparents died in a train wreck and I think it might be this one. My grandfather was adopted after this

Bronx New York Electric Train Wreck 1907

Does anyone know where I can find a list of those killed in this Train Wreck?