Brooklyn, NY Train Accident, May 1901


SALZMAN Run Over and Both Legs Crushed at the Hips.

FRANK SALZMAN, 35 years old, a brakesman living at 238 Huron street, died this morning at the Eastern District Hospital from injuries received by being run over yesterday afternoon by a freight car in the yards of LOWELL M. PALMER at Kent avenue and North Seventh street. SALZMAN was employed in the freight yard and was engaged in transferring cars from the float to the yard. At the time of the accident he was standing on the rear platform of a car which was being pushed ahead while he waved signals to the engineer. He lost his footing and fell in from of the moving car and before he could escape the wheel passed over his hips. The engineer, who saw him fall, attempted to stop the cars but the momentum was too great and SALZMAN was caught beneath the second wheel. In spite of his shocking injuries he retained his senses and directed the movements of the train for his release. He was removed to the hospital by DR. KNIPE, and as his injuries were recognized as being of a fatal character his family was notified. In the meantime both legs were amputated at the thighs. His wife was at his bedside when he revived from the effects of the operation and an affecting scene followed. MRS. SALZMAN became hysterical and it was found necessary to remove her from the room. While she was being quieted. DR. KNIPE brought a stimulant to SALZMAN, who was sinking rapidly and his last words were that he was a poor judge of whisky[sic] as he never indulged. He swallowed the draught[sic] and as his wife was again brought to his bedside, he expired. The dead man was described as a careful employee.

Brooklyn Eagle New York 1901-05-27