New York, NY East River Bridge Fire, Nov 1902

Fire raged 335 Feet in the air.

The new East river bridge, in process of construction between New York and Brooklyn, was damaged to the amount of at least $500,000 Monday night by a fire that raged for four hours 335 feet in the air, on the summit of the great steel tower on the New York side. There was probably no loss of life. Owing to the enormous height of the tower it was impossible to reach the fire with any apparatus in the fire department, and the flames after devouring all the wood work on the top of the tower, seized on the timber false work of the two foot bridges suspended from the main cables, burning away the supports. Nearly 1,000,000 feet of blazing lumber fell with a crash and a hiss into the stream. The falling foot bridge carried away a score of lighter cables and guys, which trailed in the water, rendering it necessary for the purpose of safety to stop all trafic [sic] up and down the river. The steamer Puritan and other crafts had narrow escapes while running the gauntlet of the fiery brands that fell in showers from the burning bridge. The fire was the most spectacular conflagration that has ever been seen in New York.

American Eagle Murray Utah 1902-11-15