Long Island, NY Drowning, Jul 1869

Long Island.

Shocking Drowning Occurrence-A Brother And Sister Perish Together.-Late on Wednesday afternoon a casualty occurred in Little Neck Bay, near Flushing, resulting in the untimely death of a young lady and an infant child. Mrs. Abraham Russell, of Douglass Farm, together with her three children, entered a rowboat for the purpose of visiting the “Alley” dry goods store, a small place near Flushing village, to make some purchases. Having finished their business they started on their return trip; but when about half way up the bay the child, about two years of age, accidentally fell overboard, and was rapidly carried away by the tide. The young lady plunged into the water to rescue it, but was unsuccessful, and both were drowned. The mother, seeing the death struggle, also plunged into the water. Her other son, of six years, in the boat, with great presence of mind seized an oar, and pushing the boat close to her caught his mother close by the hair and kept her head above water. Another boat arriving by accident she was taken to Flushing, where she now lies in a dangerous condition. The bodies of the young lady and child were recovered, and Coroner Hicks last evening held an inquest. The young lady was about twenty-three years of age, and had been but a short time married.

New York Herald, New York, NY 16 Jul 1869