New York, NY Elevator Falls 10 Stories, Aug 1920

Elevator falls 10 stories; two killed, 16 injured

NEW YORK, Aug. 30 - Two men were killed and sixteen persons
were injured Just before 6 o'clock
last night when a passenger elevator in
the twenty-story Clarendon Building at
the southeast corner of Eighteenth Street
and Fourth Avenue fell ten stories to
the bottom of the shaft.
The accident was due to the breaking
of the main cable by means of which the
cage was lifted and lowered. The loss
of life and the large number of Injured many
of whom got broken bones—resulted
from the heavy counterweights
breaking loose and crashing down upon
the car, twisting and smashing it as
though it had been of tin.
The dead men were buried under about
two tons of wreckage, and firemen with
acetylene torches worked over two hours
to get them out.
Every elevator In the building had been
inspected and tested, according to authorities-
who investigated ,the accident,
by an Inspector for a casualty insurance
company just a few hours before the car
Officials said last night the elevator
was carrying three persons over Its capacity
when it fell.
This is the list of dead and injured:
The Dead.
KAPLAN, Albert, 20, President Thames
Woolen Mills. 40 East Eighty-third
LAUTER. MAX, 25 years old, a silk operator,
of 127 East 113th Street. Body
identified tentatively from cards and identification
found in his pockets.
The Injured.
BLOCH, MORRIS. 33, 381 Eastern Parkway,
Brooklyn, lacerated scalp, multiple
contusions. Bellevue Hospital.
BRENNER, DOROTHY, 20, 8 West 110th
Street. compound fracture left leg and
left ankle. Bellevue Hospital.
DEITZ, SAD 13, 127 Henry Street, contusions
hands and face.
GATOFF, WILLIAM. 22, 215 Fourth Avenue,
fractured right heel, lacerations
about the face.
HOENIG, JULIUS, 22, 580 Fox Street, tho
Bronx; fractured left leg, fractured left
ICATZ. SAMUEL, 20, S97 Lafayette Avenue,
Brooklyn; compound fracture of right
leg; Bellevue Hospital.
LEVY, CLARA, I5, 331 South Second Street.
Brooklyn; lacerations, forehead, hands
and elbows; contusions, right ankle; New
York Hospital.
METZ, FLORENCE, J 5, 2C.G South Second
Street, Brooklyn; compound fracture
left second toe; contusions of the back.
MOSKOWITZ, JACK, 23, 121 Huron St.,
Brooklyn ; multiple contusions.
NEUBEUGlN, BENJAMIN, 22, 631 Jefferson
Place, Bronx; scalp wounds.
NODLER, MARTIN, 23. 70 East 7th St.;
lacerations of the scalp, contusions of
the right knee and left leg. '
NUMBERT, DANIEL, 20, 1085 Tiffany St..
Bronx; fractured left leg; Bellevue Hospital.
PEIPE, DOMINICK, elevator operator, 215
4tn Av.; lacerations of the face, shock.
SHAW, MANX1E, 23, 215 4th Av.; fractured
left leg and arm. Bellevue Hospital.
SHERIFF, SAMUEL, 22, 520 West 150th St.";
lacerations of the face.
WALKOWITZ, MINNIE. 10 East 114th St.;
lacerations hands and face, contusions of
the back.
Kaplan, who was said by friends of
his family to be well-to-do, had just
returned yesterday from his vacation.
His body was identified by his brother,
Samuel. His father is dead and his
mother is in the country, where relatives
were endeavoring last night to
reach her. His body was removed to
Bellevue morgue with that of Lauter,
but later was turned over to an undertaker.
Sept. 1 edition of The New York Times