New York, NY Correction Hospital Grandstand Collapse, Jul 1934

Three Die, 60 Hurt As Stand Topples

New York, July 5 (AP).-Three men died and 60 were injured as a grandstand collapsed, pitching 200 inmates of the city’s correction hospital into a struggling mass of humanity.

Eleven hundred other inmates of the institution, where a riot marked the Fourth of July, a year ago, joined guards ad doctors in orderly rescue work. Officials who had arranged the festivities, largely to prevent a repetition of the disorder, called police but reinforcements found nothing to do.

Those killed were crushed beneath the grandstand, Arthur Cornell, 46, and George Meyers, 60, were playing a card games while Luther Townsend, 49, looked on.

Cornell and Meyers were drug addicts, voluntarily seeking a cure. Townsend, serving a minor sentence, had been transferred to the hospital, to see if his health could be improved. He would have been discharged next Sunday.

Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJ 5 Jul 1934