New York, NY Auto Plows Though Benches on Parkway, Oct 1933

Auto Kills Man, Hurts 3 on Upper Broadway As It Bowls Over Benches in the Parkway

Seated on benches at the south
crosswalk of the park-way in Broadway
at Eighty-eighth Street, three
men and a woman basked in the
warm noon sun yesterday and
watched the steady stream of motor
traffic flowing swiftly at both sides.
Suddenly, out of the southbound
traffic on their left, a coupe shot
diagonally across the intersection.
It plowed through the benches, tore
away fifteen feet of the iron railing
behind the sitters and stopped
in the centre of the parkway.
Morris L. Goldstein, 66 years old,
of 215 West Eighty-eighth Street,
one of the four, was pinned under
the wheels of the coupe. His companions,
Alexander Cantor, 60, of
2345 Broadway; Ralph Jacobs, 60,
of the Hotel Monterey, and his wife.
Bertha, 58, lay amid the wreckage
of the benches. Their legs were
fractured and all had head injuries.
Mrs. Fay Levy, daughter of
Goldstein, saw the accident from
her window. She rushed downstairs
and fought her way through
the thousands of pedestrians attracted
by the crash. Two ambulances
and a police emergency
truck forced a lane through the
crowd a few minutes later.
The coupe was jacked up and
Goldstein was lifted from under it.
His son, Dr. Benjamin Goldstein of
1160 Park Avenue, had him taken
to Mrs. Levy's apartment. His condition
was reported as critical. The
other victims were taken to Knickerbocker
Hospital. Cantor died soon afterward. Mr.
and Mrs. Jacobs were in a serious condition
last night.
William Devereux, 25, of 512
Simpson Street, Peekskill, N . Y., a
radio operator and driver of the coupe,
was uninjured. He told the police
a large car, passing him on the
right, had cut in front of him and
forced him to throw his wheel to
the left, heading the car for the
benches. He was arrested on a
technical charge of homicide.
There were two other motor deaths
in the city during the day. Wilma
Rosen, 73, was killed at Jerome
Avenue and 184th Street as she
stepped from behind a pillar of the
elevated structure. A motorist identified
from his license as Martin
O'Grady, 41, of 89 Beaver "Road,
Jamaica, Queens, was killed when
his car skidded into a pole on the Harlem
River Speedway at I72nd Street and

Oct. 16, 1933 edition of The New York Times