New York, NY Auto Accident, Jul 1909


After Knocking Down the Calumet Club's Elevator Man----Number Unseen.

A large red touring automobile last night struck Albert Baker of 16 East 132d Street, an elevator operator, in front of the Calumet Club, Twenty-ninth Street and Fifth Avenue, and knocked him down. Baker was rolled right under the machine, but the chauffeur did not stop for an instant, but putting on speed drove away. He has not been identified.

Baker received a possible fracture of the skull and lacerated wounds of the face and neck. Several members of the club who had witnessed the accident hurried to pick up Baker. They did all they could to relieve him, and one of them, putting him in an automobile which was standing in front of the club, accompanied him to Bellevue Hospital.

Although there were a number of witnesses to the accident, the number of the automobile that struck Baker was not obtained.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Jul 1909