Syracuse, NY Train Accident, Nov 1911

WOMAN Run Down Gathering Coal in Lackawanna Yards

Mrs. Worchia Loses Foot in Unfortunate Accident, But Her Recovery is Expected--Did Not Hear Warning of Men Who Called to Her to Get Off Tracks.

While picking up coal in the Lackawanna yards in West Fayette street near the juncture of Ontario street, Mrs. Alex Worchia of No. 112 Ontario street was run down by a freight. Her left foot was crushed so badly that it was found necessary to amputate it near the ankle at St. Joseph’s hospital a half hour after the accident.

The accident occurred shortly after 8 o’clock. The people living in the vicinity of the yards are in the habit of going out in the morning with two pails and picking up coal in the yard, which has fallen off coal cars. Mrs. Worchia is said to have been in the yards for some time before the accident occurred.

As she was stooping down between the tracks a shifting freight train backed towards her. She saw the train approaching, but took her time in getting out of its way. When she did step off the track it was too late. She was knocked to the ground and the wheels passed over her foot. A man working in the yards said that he called to the woman to jump, but she did not heed his warning.

Mrs. Worchia was carried to a house in West Fayette street and a hurry call was sent to St. Joseph’s hospital. It was said at that institution it was thought the woman would recover.

Employes of the railroad who work in the yards stated that time and again they have warned women who are in the habit of visiting the yards to be careful. It is said that the women often crawl underneath the cars to get to an opposite track.

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, NY 3 Nov 1911