Wende, NY Train Wreck, Oct 1912

Wende, NY Train Wreck, Oct 1912


Three Persons Probably Fatally, Fifteen Seriously Injured

BUFFALO, N. Y., Oct. 3 -- Three persons were probably fatally injured and fifteen other more or lest seriously hurt in a collision of a West Shore passenger train and a freight train at Wende Station, twenty miles east of this city, this morning. Eight of the injured were brought to the Emergency Hospital here and ten were taken to Batavia. 

Miss Helen Gould and a party of women in Miss Gould's private car, went through the wreck.  There were asleep at the time and were badly shaken up, though no one in the car was injured.  The party is on its way to Chicago.

Charles Smith, engineer, and Albert Haskin, fireman on the passenger train, were so badly scalded and otherwise injured that they will probably die.  Among the other passengers injured are:  Mrs. Catherine Flynn, of San Francisco, Cal., condition serious; Margaret Walsh, Chicago, head, chest and back injured; John Benson, of Des Moines, Iowa, bruised and cut; Patrick Ragone, of Chicago, badly bruised and cut.

Ten passenger coaches were derailed and eighteen freight cars ware [sic] hurled into the ditch.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 4 Oct 1912