Rochester, NY Storm, Mar 1870


Fatal Accident in Rochester

ROCHESTER, N. Y., March 17.---The storm continues, and the snow is wet and heavily packed. All the trains of the several railroads, which should have reached this place yesterday morning, arrived here this morning with almost famished passengers. It is now believed that the trains will be running on time by to-morrow evening. The thermometer indicates 32º; the barometer has fallen a trifle since last night. About 8 o'clock this morning the roof of a carpenter-shop, on Greenwood-avenue, was crushed by the weight of snow upon it. The brick walls of the building were forced out, and one of the walls fell upon an adjoining dwelling-house, crushing it and burying in the ruins an old lady----Mrs. LOOP. Her injuries are supposed to be fatal. A man named WILLIAM DOODY, engaged in shoveling snow in the rear of the carpenter-shop at the time of the disaster, had a leg broken and was otherwise injured, but not fatally. Several barns, and other buildings, have been crushed by the snow, and further disasters are apprehended.

The New York Times, New York, NY 18 Mar 1870