Brooklyn, NY Rabbi Dies Lighting Fire, Feb 1920


Accident Result of Refusal to Light Fire on Sabbath

Rabbi Harris Rothenberg, 68 years old, who was severely burned when he tried to light a fire at his home, 660 New Jersey Avenue, Brooklyn, on Saturday night, died yesterday in the Kings County Hospital.

According to Mrs. Solomon Levinson of 609 Vermont Street, Brooklyn, the rabbi's daughter, he died a martyr to his religion. Being an Orthodox Jew, she said he would not make a fire in his home until the Sabbath ended and endured the cold weather until sundown. When he finally decided to make the fire, she said, his hands were so cold that he could not control the kerosene, or whatever substance he used to quicken the fire, and the flames caught his clothes.

Rabbi Rothenberg, it is said, was a writer of the Holy Scroll and forty years ago started the Synagogue Kohal Adasyesherin on the east side, Manhattan.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Feb 1920