Syracuse, NY Split Rock Explosion, Jul 1918

Split Rock Quarries NY.jpg

At People's Hospital
C. J. COUGHMAN, Rich street; serious.
FRANK CUNNAN, Split Rock; serious.
GEORGE W. WILDRIDGE, Ryder avenue.
H. HOFFMAN, Reed avenue; serious.
DAVID KAZEAN, East Genesee street; serious.

At Syracuse Memorial
JAMES HAZEL (colored), No. 326 Green street; on leg amputated and other badly injured.

At Homes
ROBERT LAWTON, No. 205 Rich street; burned and injured.
C. L. FELLOWS, No. 203 Rich street.
MICHAEL FELICE, 22, No. 219 North Crouse avenue; legs cut.
MICHAEL GOVE, 21, No. 537 Burnet avenue; bruised.
BURTON J. HALL, No. 1012 Montgomery street.

At Homeopathic
ESA (?) HASKIN, 34, No. 109 Bristol place; cut on right temple, bruised.
HOWARD SOTHERDEN, 19, No. 324 East Castle street; body bruises; went home.
WILLIAM RYAN, 40, No. 116 Eldorado street, patrolman; cut on head and right knee injured; went home.
EDWARD COLLINS, 20 (colored), Split Rock; right shoulder bruised.

At the Crouse-Irving
JUDSON J. SCOTT, No. 518 Wyoming street; lacerations of face and body.
MORRIS O'REILLY, Camillus, R.F.D., No. 1; right forearm lacerated.
LOREN CUYLER, Split Rock; bruises and lacerations.
WILBUR KUBLA, Split Rock; bruises and lacerations.
CHARLES CRANE, Split Rock; slight lacerations.
HAMMOND SAMPSON, patrolman, No. 345 Hudson street; badly bruised.
HERMAN JAEGER, patrolman, Split Rock, lacerations and other injuries to right leg.
FRED SMITH, Split Rock; head badly cut.
MRS. NELLIE MARTIN, Split Rock; badly bruised and suffering from shock.

At Good Shepherd
HALAGIAN PARSEK, 40, Split Rock, P. N.; bruises and shock.
JOHN KENNEDY, 40, No. 401 North West street, laborer; lacerated skull, broken ribs and punctured lung; will die.
LESLIE M. HOYT, 32, Skaneateles, chemist; shock.
EDWIN EDMUNSON (colored) 34, No. 826 East Water street, laborer; perforated intestines and punctured lung; will die.
WALTER McBURNEY, 25, No. 847 South Clinton street, T.N.T. Acid plant; scalp wounds and abrasions.
BENJAMIN BARNARD, 43, No. 107 Grant place, fireman; minor injuries, bruises and slight lacerations.
HERBERT KNAPP, 34, No. 22 Seymour street, Auburn, T.N.T. Acid plant, minor injuries.
PAUL HOLIHAN, 20, No. 23 West Genesee street, Baldwinsville, chemist; abdominal perforation and internal injuries; will die.
CHARLES JONES (colored), No. 147 Walton street, laborer; minor injuries and bruises.
WILLIAM GRAHAM (colored), 23, Split Rock, laborer; minor lacerations and bruises.
CHARLES W. NASH, 34, No. 912 Danforth street; scalp wound and internal injuries.

ARTHUR D. SMITH, No. 1301 North State street.
SAMUEL CROUSE, Seymour street.
WILLIAM HALL, Rich street.
FRED EDGETT, deputy sheriff.
WILLIAM J. ALDRICH, 1204 West Colvin street.
HAROLD S. SHOEMAKER, No. 715 South Warren street.
BERNARD PIQUET, No. 114 Lilac street.
CHARLES HARRIS, colored, 25, No. 1109 East Fayette street.
HOMER WRIGHT, Marcellus.
WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, No. 511 East Laurel street.
Unidentified man with signet ring, marked "F.J.S."
Unidentified man, Pay Check No. 10,665.
Unidentified man, Pay Check No. 6,947.
Unidentified patrolman, Eagle signet ring.
Unidentified man with Locker Key No. 42.
FREDERICK HODGE, colored, 28, Split Rock.
GEORGE SCHNEIDER, No. 623 North Salina street.
THOMAS F. GRAY, 31, No. 121 Furman street.
Forty-three unidentified men.

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