Syracuse, NY Split Rock Explosion, Jul 1918

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The fact that the books of the company at Split Rock were burned makes it impossible to say just who were at work the night of the explosion. Coroner Crane has also been unable to find the chief time clerk.
One man, named KOHLES, went to work before the accident and said he would not be back till after the Fourth as he was going fishing. His mother waited until later but has now identified his body at the morgue.

Will Not Quit Places.
The employes at Split Rock will not quit their places. They declare that it is their duty to help in the manufacture of munitions and they will stay at work to help win the war.
It was said by the company that there are no definite rebuilding plans but an office building has been put up temporarily.
Memorial services for the dead will be held at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the State armory. The Rev. Michael Clune will deliver the invocation, former Judge Nathan L. Miller will speak for the company and an address will be made by William Nottingham. The Rev. Dr. A. C. Fulton will pronounce the benediction.
It is expected there will be a large attendance at these exercises.
It is probable also that the first definite plan for a monument to the dead will be outlined.
Coroner Crune is insistent that a memorial should be provided.

Serving Government.
"These men were serving the government in time of war," he said. "They were heroes. I consider their deaths equally honorable to those of men in battle. They were making munitions for the United States to carry on the war. They had a chance to escape but they remained to fight the fire and to help to save the plant. I doubt not that it was in their minds that they were fighting to save the city for it is generally believed if the fire had spread to another part of the plant it might have done great harm in Syracuse."
Relief work has already been started. The company will provide for dependents of the dead. It has always exercised a very generous policy in this respect.

Fear Some Will Die.
The condition of those in hospitals remains about the same but it is feared that some of these will die.
While it may be that some of those missing have wandered away or gone to their homes in other cities, it is not likely that they would not be heard from, so it is assumed that practically all of the missing were killed.
ROBERT GLADDING, of No. ______ Midland avenue, reported missing is now said to be alive.
T. WILLIAM O'NEILL of No. 1007 Cortland avenue also reported missing is alive.
One of the injured, PAUL HOLIAH, aged 20, of Baldwinsville crawled a quarter of a mile on his hands and knees to escape burning to death. His skull was fractured. He had wanted to fight the fire.
Many people visited the scene on the Fourth but they found that the guards have been increased. State troopers and others are policing the ruins.

Six in Critical Condition.
Of the injured in the Split Rock explosion six are now in critical condition and their recovery is in doubt.
Those whose condition is very serious are: CHARLES W. NASH at the Hospital of the Good Shepherd, and JOHN KING and CHARLES W. WOOD at St. Joseph's, FRANK CUNNAN and CLARENCE KAUGHMAN at the Peoples hospital, and ASA HASKINS, who is at his home.



Identified Dead
HOMER WRIGHT, Marcellus.
HAROLD N. EDGETT, No. 431 Seymour street.
BERNARD PIQUET, No. 114 Lilac street.
ARTHUR D. SMITH, No. 1301 North State street.
WILLARD GAYLORD HALL, No. 436 Rich street.
WILLIAM J. ALDRICH, No. 1204 West Colvin street.
J. W. HAWKINS, No. 940 Grape street.
THOMAS F. GRAY, No. 121 Furman street.
GEORGE MESMER, No. 1411 Grape street.
LAVERNE C. GIBSON, No. 2505 James street.
HAROLD J. SHOEMAKER, No. 430 Hubbell avenue.
ROBERT P. DECKER, No. 119 West Newell street.
CHARLES C. SHARE, No. 1034 Montgomery street.
FRANK WALKER, No. 600 Park street.
CHARLES O. BLAKEMAN, No. 414 East Willow street.
STANLEY PRETTYMAN, No. 723 East Washington street.
FRED HODGE, Split Rock.
GEORGE S. SCHNEIDER, North Salina street.
SAMUEL DUHAMEL, Split Rock club house.
CLINTON A. HARRIS, No. 1109 East Fayette street.
ANDREW DUNN, Marcellus.
ISAAC H. BLESSING, No. 305 Glenwood avenue.
MILFORD O. MOORE, No. 149 Gifford street.
WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, No. 512 East Laurel street.

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