New York, NY Rolled off Pier into River, Jul 1901


Hapless Vagrant Rescued by a Companion in Misfortune.

Gustave Sax, fifty-one years old, a silk weaver out of employment and homeless, owes his life to Cornelius Murphy, who is in equally straitened circumstances, the latter giving his home address as Forty-ninth Street and North River.

The men, who were strangers, were sleeping on the pier at the foot of West Fiftieth Street on Saturday night, when Sax rolled off into the water. Murphy heard the splash and dived to the rescue, and kept him afloat until Policeman Lyons of the West Forty-seventh Street Station House, attracted by the cries of other occupants of the dock, secured ropes and got the two men out of the water.

Sax remained at Roosevelt Hospital while his clothing was being dried.

The New York Times, New York, NY 22 Jul 1901