New York, NY Steamship BIENVILLE Fire, Nov 1872


Total Destruction of the Pacific Mail Steam-Ship Bienville.

Thirty-Four Persons Supposed to be Lost.

Eighty-Three of the Passengers and Crew Reported Saved.

Origin of the Fire Not Yes Ascertained.

Arrival of the Survivors at Nassau, New-Providence.

Scarcely had the public mastered the details of the terrible disaster of the steamer Metis, yesterday, than it was startled by a report that the ocean steam-ship Bienville had been burnt at sea, and a large number of lives lost. The news was at first discredited by the officials of the Pacific Mail Company, as they considered it probably that the statement had been gotten up for stock-jobbing operations. Subsequent intelligence received from Havana by the Associated Press and Capt. Francis R. Baby, the general managing agent in this City for the Steam-ship Company, however, confirmed the report. It appears that the steamer Bienville, which sailed from this port on the 10th inst. for Aspinwall as an extra ship on the Pacific line, caught fire while at sea on the 15th. As the flames were discovered in the hold among the cargo, Capt. Jeff. Maury ordered the steam and water pumps to be manned. The steam-pumps, however, broke, so the hatches were battered down in order to smother the fire. All of these efforts proving unsuccessful, and as there was danger of an explosion, the boats were ordered out and all of the passengers and crew embarked. The details we have received give no idea of the names or number of those lost, and as the officials of the Company declined to give the passenger-list to our reporters, the bare names of those saved furnishes no clue to the lost. According to the latest advices, the number of persons saved were 80. Their names, as far as ascertained, are as follows:


George W. Baffery.
Thomas H. Woolrich.
P. Stokes.
Wm. Pool.
Arthur D. Temple.
J. B. Woods.
H. Scharf.
John Thompson.
Carlos Leygra.
E. H. Lawler.
J. B. Albistone.
Julius Franklin.
Joseph Banner.
Aaron Branner.
Margaret Ryan.
Ellen Ryan.
Fanny Beatty.
Charles Erichthen and wife.
H. Authon.
Christobal Ortaga.
Pio Rosada.
Patrick Daly.
James W. Rea, (probably George W.)
W. J. Barney.
A. Burroughs.
W. Berry.
Aurelius Villegas, (probably Antonio Vargas Villegas.)
A. Goldwater.
J. Oliver [?].
Alexander Williams.
Rufus Mead.
Nora Sullivan.
Kate Dalton.
Margaret Jones.
Mrs. Maggie Barker.

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