New York, NY Eighth Ave Elevated Train Wreck, Dec 1897


Impact Was Slight, and Only One Man Was Hurt.

A slight collision between two elevated trains in Eighth Avenue, between One Hundred and Thirty-first and One Hundred and Thirty-second Streets, occurred early yesterday morning on the north-bound track. A train, carrying a few passengers, and of which William Donaldson of 263 West One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Street, was engineer, was going along slowly. Ahead of this train was another, which was waiting for the station at One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Street to be cleared. Donaldson did not see this stalled train on account of the fog and ran into it, but the impact was slight.

John Sclarsky, a carpenter, sat in one of the cross seats, and the slight shock sent him forward, his forehead striking the arm of the seat in front and inflicting a slight scalp wound. He got out of the car, climbed down on the structure, and walked to the One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Street platform. An ambulance from the Manhattan Hospital was summoned, and Sclarsky's wound was dressed.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Dec 1897