Utica, NY Steamer HON. TITUS SHEARD Explosion, June 1896



Utica, N. Y., June 18. -- The boilers of the pleasure steamer 'Hon. Titus Sheard' exploded while the boat was carrying passengers from Little Falls to the bicycle races at Taylor Driving Park, one mile west of the city, at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Eighteen persons were on board at the time.
Ten of the passengers, nine men and one young woman, were either instantly killed or died soon after they were taken from the wreck. Two are probably fatally injured and four are suffering from wevere injuries. Two passengers are missing. The explosion occurred just as the engineer shut off steam at the Taylor Park landing.
The dead are:
BRADFORD, CHARLES, aged twenty-eight; skull terribly fractured; instantly killed.
GOLDEN, MISS ANNA, aged seventeen; badly scalded about the face and neck; death caused by drowning, although heroic efforts were made to save her life.
BALL, THOMAS, aged thirty; right leg blown off; died at the Little Falls hospital at 3:10 P. M.
SYMONDS, WILLIAM, aged thirty-five; head blown off and left arm terribly lacerated.
TRESSELT, E. J., pilot of the Titus Sheard; left arm blown off and right leg missing at the hip; TRESSELT'S body was blown several feet in the air, landing on a hawser hook on a passing boat, disemboweling him.
WALKER, ELON, aged thirty-five years; head split open; left shoulder bone terribly crushed; died immediately upon arrival at the Little Falls hospital.
WHITE, GEORGE, aged fifty-two years, superintendent of the Hon. Titus Sheard's mill; head blown off; killed instantly.
WORMUTH, CHARLES, aged thirty-five years; head blown off and left breast split open.
WORMUTH, WILLIAM, aged thirty years; compound fracture of both legs; flesh wound on right leg; died at the hospital at 7:30 P. M.
YOUNG, VAN BUREN, engineer of the Titus Sheard; both thigh bones broken; scalded severely and injured internally; died at the Little Falls hospital at 7 P. M.
Two Unknown Persons are supposed to be in the canal. The injured are:
CASLER, KIT; arm broken; suffered considerably from shock.
DENMAN, GEORGE, aged twenty-eight; both hands badly mangled; pelvis fractured; body badly scalded; two holes in right side of abdomen; injuries will probably result fatally.
KINGSTON, PERRY; big toe cut off; scalded about the face and head; will recover.
STROUP, IRVING; arms and legs injured; severe cut in the back and badly scalded.
STROUP, MRS. IRVING, aged twenty-three years; compound fracture of right kneepan and left arm; lower jaw fractured and possible internally injured; her condition is serious.
WARREN, RHODA, aged 16; scalded badly about the face and limbs.
All the dead and injured are from Little Falls, and as far as known the list is complete.

The New York Times New York 1896-06-19