Binnewater, NY Family of 6 Fell Through the Ice and Drowned, Feb 1890


A Family Wiped Out--Mother, Father and Four Children Drowned.

KINGSTON, N. Y., Feb. 9.---The four children of Jacob R. Slater were skating on the lake at Binnewater, about six miles from here, this afternoon, when the ice, which was but a few inches thick, gave way and the little ones were drowned.

Their shouts were heard by the members of the family who lived near by, and the father and mother rushed to the rescue. But by the time the parents reached the lake the children had disappeared beneath the ice. The mother frantic with the thought of her children's peril rushed upon the ice, which gave way beneath her weight and she sank beneath the surface. Mr. Slater then attempted to reach his wife and he too was drowned. The entire family is wiped out of existence. To-night hundreds of people are gathered about the lake searching for the bodies.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 10 Feb 1890