Armonk, NY Second-Hand Biplane Crash, Apr 1928


Three Escape

The pilot and two passengers of a plane which struck a downward current and crashed at Armonk, N. Y., escaped without apparent serious injuries.

An obsession for aviation which led them to fly a second-hand Bi-plane purchased only two weeks ago was blamed for the death of Miller, 19, and Kelley, 21, both of Elyria.

The youth were killed when, at an altitude of about 200 feet, the plane went into a tail spin and crashed on a farm eight miles south of her.[sic] Scores of motorists saw the plane fall, but were unable to get to its occupants because of the flames. It was 20 minutes before the charred bodies were recovered.

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 30 Apr 1928