Canisteo, NY Train Accident, Oct 1860

Bad Accident.

On Monday morning last, Chas. Norwood, of this village, started for Elimra on the 6o'clock freight train, to attend the Fair, and was acting as breakman. When the train arrived at Canisteo he was found lying insensible on a car loaded with lumber, terribly wounded about the head. It is supposed that as the car was passing under the first bridge below this place, his head came in contact with the bridge, thus producing the injuries-- and the accident being witnessed by no one on the train, he lay unconscious till discovered at Canisteo. Dr. Jamison, of this town, was immediately telegraphed for, and went down on the express. Upon examination, he found that the skull was fractured across the forehead, and the bones of the nose very badly crushed. Mr Norwood was brought home on the rail train, the same forenoon, and is now in a critical condition, but appears to be doing well. He is a young man of good habits, about 20 years of age, and is the main support of a widowed mother and family. The accident will be a severe trial for them as well as the sufferer, and they should be remembered by our liberal citizens.

Hornellsville Tribune, Hornellsville, NY 4 Oct 1860