New York, NY Girl Saves Family From Fire, Apr 1914


Firemen Shake Hands with Courageous 16-Year-Old Girl.

Miss Rose Cohen, 16 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cohen of 545 Glenmore Avenue, East New York, saved the lives of her two small brothers and two sisters at 4 o'clock yesterday morning in a fire that consumed the lower part of the family's two-story cottage.

Mr. Cohen, a furrier, is in the West. Rats started the fire in the basement by chewing on matches. The flames spread rapidly and cut off the escape of the mother and her six children and Joseph Cohen her nephew, who were sleeping on the second floor.

"There's only one way out that I see---by one of the back windows," said Miss Rose to her cousin, Joseph. "I'm going to jump down on the porch in the back. Then drop the children to me." She carried her little sisters---Gertrude, four years old, and Norma, six to a rear window. Then she dropped fifteen feet to the roof of the porch. Her cousin lowered the children to her and she caught them all safely.

The firemen, after they had put out the blaze, shook hands with the girl.

"You ought to be one of the outfit," they told her.

Miss Rose said, "No, thank you; I am studying to be a wireless operator and don't want to be a lady fireman."

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Apr 1914