Canastota, NY Fire Destroys Downtown, Oct 1873



Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 27 -- A fire broke out in Canastota last night, which was suppressed this morning after burning over six acres of ground, destroying three hotels, thirty-two dwellings, and between forty and fifty places of business and offices. The total loss is estimated by the insurance agents at $150,000; the total insurance at $90,000. The fire was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary. The business portion of the town was all destroyed, except the Beecher Block. The citizens of Canastota held a meeting to-night and passed resolutions inviting the pecuniary aid of the charitable everywhere, and appointing MR. D. H. RASBACH, Cashier of the Canastota Bank, to receive any contributions. A committee was also appointed to investigate the cause of such frequent fires.
Additional Details.
The fire was first discovered shortly after midnight in a barn in the rear of the Beecher Block, and adjoining the Eagle Hotel, a wooden building on Centre street. It quickly communicated to the hotel and SPENCER'S manufactory of optical instruments, adjoining the Post Office. A strong southerly wind prevailed, driving the fire northward. The width of the track of fire was about half a block. The flames swept everything up to the canal; they then leaped over the canal, and traveling one block on the other side, made the destruction complete. The stores destroyed were mostly wooden, with occasional brick buildings interspersed. An engine sent from Oneida, and the Canastota engine played on the fire, but the violence of the gale, in spite of the drenching rain, neutralized all their efforts. Finally, there being nothing more to burn in that direction, the fire was subdued. Two hours before the discovery of this fire a barn belonging to the Central Railroad, and used for storing hay, was burned, together with 100 tons of hay and several cars. This was also the work of an incendiary.
The total loss foots up $150,000 and the insurance about $90,000, which is mostly in the German-American, Franklin, Lycoming, Glen's Falls, Hanover, Niagara, Royal, and New York Central Companies.
The following are the principal losers: BROWN & Co., dry goods, $20,000; insurance, $10,000. MOTTSWORTH'S Union Hotel, $6,000l; insurance, $4,000. D. B. MOTT, brick building, $10,000; insurance, $8,000. SIMEON CLOCK, rectifying establishment and grocery, $8,000; insurance, $4,000. D. H. RASBACH, brick residence, $8,000; insurance, $6,000. F. A. ANDREWS, hotel, $12,000; insurance, $8,000. NICHOLS & STANTON, clothing, $5,000; insurance, $3,000. The rest were small losses under $5,000.

The New York Times New York 1873-10-28


Canastota, New York Fire

Large Portion of the Business Houses in Canastota, N. Y. Burned - Loss $85,000

UTICA, N. Y., April 20. -- A special dispatch to the Utica Herald from Canistota [sic], April 20 says: A destructive fire visited this village last evening, laying waste a large portion of the business places. The fire was discovered about 9 o'clock in the evening in the hay-loft of the barn attached to the Pratt House. The flames spread rapidly, communicating from the barn with the hotel, which was totally destroyed. A number of boarders at the hotel lost nearly all they possessed in the way of clothing and furniture. The Post-office, Van Alstine's grocery, Haines' saloon, the Atlantic and Pacific telegraph office, C. J. Nash's harness shop. Dr. Adams' medical office, Richardson's furniture-store, Plano's hardware-store, the Canistota [sic] Back building and fixtures, Lewis Santer's residence and block of buildings, F. W. Doolittle's brick block and two other buildings, Hiram Lewis' residence, Thirl's barber-shop, H. Phelps' saloon, house and furniture, and James Haines' billiard saloon were completely destroyed. The losses, as near as can be ascertained to-day, foot up $85,000, and insurance is about $32,000. The division of losses was as follows: Pratt's Hotel and barns, C. Hall, proprietor, loss #30,000; insurance $15,000; post-office, loss $2,000, no insurance; E. Van Alstine's stock, $1,500; insurance $1,000; Judge Harlow, the owner of the building in which was Van Alstine's store, places his loss at $1,000; E. A. Haines, loss $500; C. J. Nash, lost not stated, his stock mostly saved. Dr. Adams, loss not stated; no insurance; E. B. Richardson, $5,500 [or $3,500]; insurance, $1,500. W. H. Clark, $3,000; no insurance. Canistota [sic] Bank, $3,000, no insurance, the contents of its vault and safe were not insured. Lewis Santer's loss was $12,000; insurance, $7,500. F. W. Doolittle, $22,000; Insurance $14,000. Hiram Lewis, $5,000; insurance $3,000. C. J. Thirl, loss $100; H. Phelps, $500. Walker & Walker lost by the construction of tools and fixtures; no insurance. James Hair, loss $800; no insurance.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 Apr 1873