New York, NY Boarding House Fire, Dec 1893

Firemen Impeded by College Boys.

A fire occurred shortly before 1 o'clock yesterday morning on the first floor of the dwelling 27 West Twenty-seventh Street, occupied as a boarding house by Mrs. M. A. Ralph. It was caused by a window curtain igniting from a gas jet. The fire was discovered by a bartender in a neighboring saloon. The inmates of the house were asleep at the time, and it was with difficulty that they were aroused. The women in the house were greatly alarmed, and ran out into the street in their night clothes. One of the boarders, Mrs. Schaeffer, fainted, and was carried from the house by a policeman and the bartender. The firemen soon had the fire under control, but the damage to the house and its contents amounted to about $2,000. A number of college students collected about the house and aroused the whole neighborhood by their cries and noisy antics. They impeded the firemen in their efforts to put out the fire, but they were finally driven off by the police.

The New York Times, New York, NY 1 Dec 1893