Troy, NY Skating Rink Fire, Feb 1886

Troy, N. Y., February 26.---The Vallambrosia skating rink was totally destroyed by fire at noon to-day. The fire spread to a brick building on the north, owned by N. B. HARREN & Bro., and occupied by John MCBRIDE as a carpenter shop and storehouse. The high wind drove the flames across the street, and the buildings there caught fire several times, but the firemen saved them. Firemen BRENNAN, James BURKE, and Levi GARY were on a ladder working in the FROHMAN Hotel and Shacklady's dice works on the east side of the street, when a side wall of the hotel bulged and threw the men to the ground. All were severely bruised and BRENNAN was injured internally. Daniel ENGLEMAN, a carpenter in MCBRIDE'S shop, had to jump from a window. He fell on his head and his skull was fractured. A number of persons received slight burns and bruises. The Western Union wires were broken and an immense Commercial telephone poll at Jacob and River streets fell with a crash into the ruins of the carpenter shop. The loss is $45,000; insurance $25,000.

The Macon Telegraph, Macon, GA 27 Feb 1886