New York, NY Grain Storehouse Fire, Nov 1853

Great Fire in New York.---

The grain storehouses, at the Atlantic Docks, occupied by T. SHORTLAND & Sons, were burnt on Sunday afternoon, together with 70,000 or 80,000 bushels of wheat and corn. The total loss is about $90,000. the grain was principally insured in the New York Exchange, and the buildings and fixtures for $25,000, in the AEtna and Protection Companies of Hartford, and one office in New York.

The fire on Sunday morning, at the corner of Nassua and Fulton streets, was very disastrous. The loss amounts to $341,800, on which there is an insurance only to the amount of $107,500. The principal individual losses are---T. L. ROGERS, clothing warehouse, $60,000---insurance $50,000. J. O. FOWLER, owner of the building, $40,000---insurance $28,000. T. W. STRONG, printer and bookseller, $72,000---insurance $25,000. SALISBURY & ARROWSMITH, jewellers, $80,000. The last firm had a stock valued at $72,000, nearly the whole of which is in their safe, now under the ruins, but which they are confident will be uninjured.

The printing offices of the National Democrat, Military Argus, and the Evangelist, in the same block, were considerably injured. The Herald office on the opposite corner, was also damaged. HANNA & BEEDE, paper dealers, had a large stock stored in the cellar, which is damaged by water. The other tenants in the building were A. H. LOSSING, engraver; ROBINSON & SABRE, lithographers, PHAIRS & Co., printers; James H. LENT, military goods; BUNNELL & PRICE, booksellers; E. AYRES, jewellers; J. F. BRADEEN, engraver; Mr. VINTON, printer---whose losses vary from $1000 to $5000.

The bodies of John CARMAN, insurance watchman, and Michael O'BRIEN, fireman, have been recovered from the ruins. It is now thought that there are no more beneath them.

Barre Gazette, Barre, MA 4 Nov 1853