Brooklyn, NY Cigarette Explosion, Aug 1901


Brooklyn Tailor Injured---Cartridge In the Tobacco.

Edward Weinschreiber, thirty years old, is in St. Catherine's Hospital, Brooklyn, in a serious condition. The thumb and two fingers of his left hand have been amputated and a bullet cut from his left side.

Weinschreiber was wounded by the explosion of a cartridge in an all-tobacco cigarette which he was smoking while at work in a tailor's shop at 92 North Fifth Street. The cartridge had been put in the cigarette evidently while it was being made. The police will make a thorough investigation.

When the cigarette exploded Weinschreiber fell in a faint upon the floor. The women and other workmen thought he had been assassinated and ran screaming from the shop. Soon a great crowd gathered about the place, which it took the police some time to disperse.

The injured man was rushed to the hospital, where the operations were performed. The wounds and the shock have so weakened the man that the doctors fear he may die.

The New York Times, New York, NY 18 Aug 1901