Clyde, NY Fatal Railroad Accident, Aug 1886


Clyde, N. Y., Aug. 2. -- This morning at 9:30 a pocket blew out of engine No. 392, of the Lyons coal train, when within half a mile of Clyde, on the New York Central Railroad, and forced the hot water, steam, and fire into the cab. JOHN FREEZE, the engineer, of East Syracuse, who has been in the employ of the railroad in this capacity for 40 years, lost the sight of his left eye, his lower jaw was broken in two places, and his body was horribly burned and scalded. HENRY RIDER, head brakeman, of East Syracuse, was badly scalded about the face, neck, and hands. The fireman, JOHN DOWNEY, of East Syracuse, was slightly burned and somewhat injured in jumping from the engine, which was running at full speed. The injured men were removed to the Clyde Hotel, and their sufferings are being relieved by DRS. BARNARD and BENNINGHOFF. Engineer FREEZE died at 11 o'clock.

The New York Times New York 1886-08-03