New York City, NY Ferry Boat Accident, June 1875


JACOB DETHROUT, a passenger on the Pavonia ferry-boat Delaware, met with a horrible death shortly after 12 o'clock on Thursday night. Before the boat was made fast to the slip he jumped from it, and missing his footing, was caught between the boat and the bridge and crushed in a shocking manner, death ensuing almost instantly. He was crushed so badly that his intestines protruded, and his bones were all broken. It was only last evening that the body was identified, when the gentleman who recognized the deceased said that he was a wine merchant who had done business in New York until he failed a short time ago. He suggested that the deceased committed suicide. Deceased formerly resided at No. 120 East Seventh street, in this City, where he leaves a wife in very destitute circumstances, and, to add to her trouble, she gave birth to a child on Thursday night.

The New York Times New York 1875-06-26