New York City, NY Cave In At Cemetery, May 1852


An avalanche of dead men's bones came down upon the workmen employed in digging the cellar for the large building about to be put up adjoining Trinity Church yard. Along the whole line of the wall, the foundations for which were laid close to the cemetery grounds, slides of earth took place, bringing down coffins and tombstones together. The great mass of human remains exposed were those removed not long since from the old Grace Church burial ground, and were sufficient to form many cart-loads. Every fragment was carefully collected and deposited in a vault occupying a more central part of the grounds. We allude to this, partly for the purpose of contradicting a rumor that the workmen despoiled the dead of golden ornaments, such as finger rings, &c. Nothing of the kind occurred. It is hoped there will be no further necessity for disturbing these perishing remains of mortality. -- Jour. Com.

The New York Times New York 1852-05-27