New York, NY North River Drowning Rescue, Sept 1896


W. H. Lowery Rescued from the North River by Thomas McKeon.

William H. Lowery of 31 Bowery was rescued from drowning at Pier A North River yesterday afternoon by Thomas McKeon of 37 Monroe Street.

Lowery had been sitting on the Battery sea wall and was seized with an attack of vertigo. He fell unconscious into the river. The tide was high and the water was running swiftly up stream.

Without removing any of his clothing, McKeon jumped into the water and reached Lowery as he was sinking for the second time. Lowery struggled so fiercely that the two men were swept under the stone arches of Pier A before assistance reached them.

As they floated to the north side of the pier, Sergt. Mangin and Patrolman Nolan of the harbor police threw to them a life preserver, with a line attached. McKeon grasped the life preserver and bore the drowning man to the bulkhead, where he was taken up a ladder.

An ambulance call had been sent to the Hudson Street Hospital, where Lowery was taken after Surgeon L'Abbé had partially resuscitated him. He will recover. He is forty years old and is a compositor. McKeon is a bookbinder, and is thirty-five years old. He was not much the worse for his plunge, though he had severe struggle to prevent being drowned with Lowery.

The New York Times, New York, NY 3 Sept 1896