New York, NY Drownings, Jul 1880

The body of the boy Martin Fisher, of No. 422 West Thirty-sixth-street, who was drowned on Monday at the foot of West Thirty-fourth-street, was recovered yesterday.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Jul 1880


Joseph Collins, aged 22, of No. 516 Tenth-avenue, was drowned yesterday while bathing at the foot of West Forty-third-street.

Walter and Harry, two sons of Mr. Doncourt, of Flushing, went to Ireland's Mills to bathe on Wednesday last. Walter got beyond his depth in the main channel, and was drowned. The body was subsequently found in the mud at the bottom of the creek. This is the second child of the Doncourt's lost by drowning.

The remains of the woman found off the foot of Seventieth-street, East River, were yesterday identified as those of Ann Quinn, aged 70, and inmate of the Work-house, on Blackwell's Island, who accidentally fell overboard from the Work-house dock and was drowned on the 9th inst.

Daniel McCabe, aged 13 years, of No. 422 Madison-street, accidentally fell overboard at Pier No. 45 East River yesterday, and was drowned.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Jul 1880