New York, NY Cat Rescue Accident, Jan 1911


Fireman Falls from a Tree Up Which Animal Had Been Chased.

In an endeavor to rescue a cat which had been chased up a tree in front of a dwelling at 103 Java Street, Greerpoint, yesterday. Fireman Anton Jirauck of Engine Company 115 was mortally injured when he fell thirty feet. The cat was pursued by a dog Thursday night, and ran up a tree. She stayed there all night, meowing in terror.

Word was sent to the fire engine house and firemen were around with a ladder. Jirauck climbed up several branches, and while he was reaching out for the cat she backed away. Jirauck lost his balance and fell to the ground in the presence of several hundred children, who were on their way to school from the noon recess. The fireman's skull was fractured and he was also internally hurt and was removed to St. Catharine's Hospital. The cat was in the tree several hours longer before being finally rescued.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jan 1911