New York, NY Hudson Street Fire, Jan 1860

Jan 17, 1860

FIRE IN NEW YORK----The morning of this day a fire broke out in the fancy-store of Mr. Litchenstein, 237 Hudson Street. The flames extended to No. 235, occupied by Mr. Matthews as a crockery-store; to No. 239, occupied by Mr. Stone as a millinery-store; 241 by Mr. Burriton as a bookstore; 243, by Mrs. Love as a millinery-store; 245, by H. O'Neill as a millinery-store; 249, by J. Hillman as a fancy-store; 251, by Mrs. Miller as a fancy-store; 247, by John Landen as a jewelry-store, and 256, by Mrs. Mitchell as a shoe-store.

All these buildings suffered considerable damage; but the losses, in the aggregate, will probably not exceed $10,000, the most of which is covered by insurance in city offices.

Vincent's Semi-annual United States Register, Jan-Jun 1860 pages 47-48