New York, NY Truck - Cab Wreck, Sept 1899


Occupants of Cab Not Badly Hurt---Truck Driver Intoxicated.

Lewis Cooper, a truck driver, who lives at 31 Gansevoort Street, drove down Fifth Avenue with his truck last night, after getting badly intoxicated in Harlem. Naturally, he took the wrong side of the thoroughfare, and near the Savoy Hotel he drove into a cab containing two women, jammed it up against the curb, tipped it half over, and smashed in the side.

The women were thrown out of the cab. One of them, who said she was Miss Strauss of 17 East Ninety-fifth Street, was cut on the hand. The other woman, who said she was Mrs. Philipps of the same address, was bruised, but not seriously. Both declined police aid and took another cab home.

Cooper was arrested and taken to the East Fifty-first Street Station, but was afterward sent to the Presbyterian Hospital on account of his alcoholic condition.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Sept 1899