Brooklyn, NY Trench Cave In, Apr 1886


Two Italian Laborers Overwhelmed and Instantly Killed.

While six Italian laborers were at work this morning excavating for a cellar adjoining the brewery of Eppig & Sons, on Melrose street, near Central avenue, in a trench about ten feet deep, an overhanging bank suddenly fell in on them, crushing and completely covering CAROLO ROCCERI and TOMASO PERO. The others escaped with slight bruises. When ROCCERI and PERO were dug out it was found that the neck of the former was broken and his companion was fearfully mangled about the body. They expired soon after being extricated. The bodies were removed to the Morgue.

ROCCORI, it is said, lived in Roosevelt street, New York, and PERO in North Second street. All the other Italians, the only witnesses of the catastrophe, disappeared immediately after its occurrence and no further particulars concerning the deceased could be obtained except that they were each aged about 30 years. A brother of one of the men was so affected that he went away threatening to commit suicide. Rev. John Raber, Pastor of the Church of St. Leonard, of Port Maurice, administered the last rites of the church to the dying men.

Brooklyn Eagle New York 1886-04-09