New York, NY Automobile Accident, Jul 1908


Also Seriously Injuries His Playmate---Police Arrest Chauffeur.

Milford Martin and Stuyvesant Wainwright of Rye, with B. Frank Wood of City Island, were riding along the Pelham Road in Mr. Martin's automobile yesterday afternoon when five-year old Michael Antonille and Felix Gangilo, 9 years old, both of 2,457 Belmont Avenue, the Bronx, dropped off the back of a wagon in front of the automobile. Before Clarence F. Lee, Mr. Martin's chauffeur, could stop the car, it struck the boys, tossing Gangilo to the side of the road, and grinding Antonille beneath the wheels, killing him instantly. Lee was arrested and paroled.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Jul 1908