Brooklyn, NY Barber Shop Fire, Mar 1874

At an early hour yesterday morning a fire broke out in the barber's shop of Lewis Sterner, in the basement of the three-story brick tenement house No. 123 Third avenue, Brooklyn. The flames spread rapidly to the upper part of the building, and the inmates had barely time to escape with their lives. During the excitement, John Oakes, aged twenty-eight years, jumped from the second story window and fractured his right leg. The total loss amounts to about $3,500; Lewis Sterner, $900, insured for $600 in the Phoenix Insurance Company; Thomas Cahill, $400, no insurance; John Lone, $400, no insurance; Mr. Murray and Mrs. Ford, each $300, no insurance; Robert Ferer, owner of the building, $1,500, fully insured. The origin of the fire is unknown.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Mar 1874