Manhattan, NY Parkinson's Wine Room Fire, Jan 1909


Parkinson's in Whitehall Street Destroyed and Several Persons Burned.

An aged scrubwoman was seriously burned and three men, one a fireman, were slightly injured yesterday in a fire which destroyed the three-story brick building at 40-42 Whitehall Street, just off Bowling Green. The building was one of the oldest left in lower Manhattan.

For three generations the basement had been occupied by Parkinson's wine room, one of the landmarks of the city, and tradition has it that Robert Fulton used to live to see the passing of the famous old place. He died some weeks ago, but his son, the present proprietor, would have carried the tavern on in the same old way until he himself became "Old Man Parkinson" had the fire not stepped in and eaten up the old walls.

The fire started in a room on the second floor. It burned briskly for two hours. Three persons were hurt, Mrs. Reilly, one of the employes[sic], may die of her injuries.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Jan 1909