Buffalo, NY Hotel Broezel Fire, Sept 1913

Hotel Broezel photo from familyoldphotos.com Hotel Broezel photo from familyoldphotos.com

Six Men Injured in $100,000 Fire at Buffalo Hotel

Buffalo, Sept. 17.-- Fire which broke out in the plant of Dirnberger Popcorn company, No. 135 Seneca street this morning spread to the Hotel Broezel and within a few minutes the third, fourth and fifth floor of the hotel were ablaze.

No one was killed, but six men were injured. They are:

John J. Ryan, Boston, bruises on right ankle.

M. H. Day, New Manchester, O., bruised back and body.

Captain Nerchel, engine company No. 7, fractured left leg.

E. J. Voye, Boston, bruises on right side.

E. J. Fair, Saginaw, Mich., injured by running into side door in dense smoke.

W. A. Williamson, Newark, N. J., who was overcome by smoke.

The hotel corridors were filled with smoke and flame, and policemen and employes of the house rushed through the hallways to arouse the guests.

Doors were battered down and frightened men, women and children were handed down the stairways and elevators to the lobby.

Within fifteen minutes after the alarm was raised the top floors of the hotel were a seething mass of flames and it was with difficulty guests not aroused when the first cry of fire was raised were carried to safety. The total loss will be over $100,000.

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, NY 17 Sept 1913


Fire Fighters are Injured.

Buffalo, N. Y. -- That there was no loss of life in the fire which swept the upper two floods of the Hotel Broezel was made certain when the list of the 250 guests, who fled to the other hotels, were accounted for.

The total loss from the fire was $500,00, divided as follows: Eureka Coffee Co., $200,000; Hotel Broezel, $150,00; Dirnberger Pop Corn Co., $150.000. Two fire captains and five guests received minor injuries.

Elryia Democrat, Elryia OH, 18 Sept 1913