New York, NY Tenement House Fire, Jan 1907


Loot Burned Buildings in New York - Dozen Persons Injured - Fifty Horses Cremated.

New York, Jan. 2. - A dozen persons were injured, forty families were made homeless, 2,000 persons were driven temporarily from their homes, fifty horses were roasted to death, and property valued at $200,000 was destroyed today in the worst early morning fire New York has seen in many months.

One big tenement house at 427 West Fifty-third street and a large boarding stable at 429 - 431 West Fifty-third street were destroyed.

Seven tenement houses at 426 - 434 West Fifty-third street were destroyed.

Seven tenement houses at 426 - 434 West Fifty-third and 436 and 438 West Fifty-fourth street were badly damaged.

Lack of adequate water pressure is said to have been largely responsible for the extent of the fire. Had not one of the big fire boats which drew its water supply from the Hudson river come to the rescue, the loss must have been much greater.

One of the worst features of the fire was the tremendous crowd which gathered in the streets around the burning district and the attendant disorder and lawlessness.

So great was the crowd that all the police who had been called to the scene had difficulty in preserving anything like order in the streets and for a time thieves were given almost a free hand to loot the burned buildings.

Two policemen who had detected six young men acting suspiciously in a house cased the men over the roofs down to Tenth avenue, firing several shots at them, but all succeeded in getting away.

Another exciting incident came when a woman among the spectators screamed that three negroes had tried to rob her.

One negro was seen running away from her and several white men gave chase, firing after the fugitive. After a chase of several blocks two detectives joined in the pursuit and they, too, began to fire at the fleeing negro.

None of the shots reached the mark, but the negro finally gave up and was hustled to a police station.

The Morning World-Herald, Omaha, NE 3 Jan 1907