Norwich, NY Business Section Fire, Feb 1911

Ruins of the Blaze Broad Street circa 1907



Norwich, Feb. 5. -- Fire which started in the H. S. STARK 5 and 10-cent store in Broad street at 3 o'clock this morning destroyed that and four other wooden structures at a loss of $100,000. A brick block occupied by the Chenango National Bank was seriously damaged.
Among the firms whose property was destroyed are W. H. GRIFFIN, book store; MRS. J. J. BIXBY, E. GRAY, grocery store, and R. H. CHANDLEUR, jewelry shop.
Supreme Court Justice ALBERT F. GLADDING, who occupied offices in the brick building, lost a valuable library.
The insurance on all the property destroyed is said to cover less than half of the loss.
The firemen have been unable to learn definitely the origin of the conflagration, which will go down as one of the most disastrous in the history of Norwich.
Tonight two streams of water are being played on the ruins, which guards are watching the stubbornly smoundering mass to prevent the flames breaking out afresh or a flying spark from kindling another blaze.
It is not known whether all of the blocks will be rebuilt, but it is said that the DIMMICK property will be replaced.
None of those who were in business before the fire have any suitable place where they may start business afresh with the exception of R. H. CHAYDLEUR, who will open a store tomorrow in a portion of the store occupied by the Star Clothing House.
The JAMES B. MARQUIS estate owned the building in which the flames were first discovered. The property loss is placed at $2,000, with $1,000 insurance. The loss on the STARK stock is estimated at $1,500. Some insurance was carried. MR. STARK was among those early on the scene and managed to save some of his stock.
From the MARQUIS Building the fire, fanned by a strong wind, spread in two directions.
The adjoining block of Sturdevant & Goodrich soon caught, and despite the heroic work of the firemen was soon seen to be doomed. The loss of the owner's is placed at $5,000. Grocer M. E. GRAY'S store was on the first floor, and he places his loss at $2,000 above his insurance.
Above the grocery store was the office of the Chenango County Patrons Fire Relief Association, which sustained a loss on records, books, papers and fixtures of about $1,000.
The fire spread next to the building owned by MRS. FRANK DIMMICK which was soon in ashes. MRS. DIMMICK places her loss at $5,000, which is covered by insurance.
In this structure Jeweler B. H. CHEYDELEUR suffered a stock loss of $5,000. He believes much of his valuable property, which is locked in a big fireproof safe now resting at the bottom of the ruins, will be found intact when the strong box is extricated. He carries $3,500 insurance.
Officials of the Chenango County National Bank figure the loss on their building at $5,000. The bank proper suffered more from water damage than fire.
The law library and legal papers of Justice GLADDING, who occupied the apartment over the bank, were damaged to the extent of about $4,000.
The third floor of the bank building, occupied by the E. B. SMITH G. A. R. Post, was wrecked, and SOLOMON BLOOM'S tailor shop was damaged to the extent of $500.
On the building owned by MRS. J. J. BIXBY, the loss is placed at $2,000, fully covered by insurance. In the basement was a barber shop owned by T. CHARLES PORTER, whose loss is put at $200, with some insurance. WILLIAM H. GRIFFIN conducted a book store on the ground floor. He figured his loss at $5,500, as against $3,500 insurance. J. J. BIXBY has a law office on the top floor. The loss is about $1,000, partly covered by insurance.
The places wiped out were among the prominent ones in the business life of the town.

The Post Standard Syracuse New York 1911-02-06