Harmon Air Base, NF American Transport Crash, Jan 1951


St. Johns, Newfoundland, Jan. 17. (AP) -- Twelve U.S. airmen and one Canadian were killed Friday night in the fiery crash of a American C-54 military transport near Harmon Air Base on Newfoundland's west coast.
A U.S. Air Force spokesman said the crash occurred in misty rain a mile east of the base while the plane was in flight from St. John's.
There were no eyewitnesses but residents of Stephensville said a flash lit up the sky after the crash.
The Air Force released the following casualty list of crewmen and passengers:
Crew members:
Instructor Pilot, Capt. DONALD W. SIGRIST, Chicago, Ill.
Pilot, Lt. HARRY R. FENT, Pepperell.
Co-pilot, Capt. STANLEY W. PERRY, Bellevue, Wash.
Navigator, Capt. SIDNEY C. HILL.
Engineer, Staff Sgt. FREDDIE J. CARR, Los Angeles.
Radio operator, Airman (3rd CL.) JACK U. TICOULET, New Orleans, La.
Flight clerk, AIrman (2nd CL.) CHARLIE J. PARKS, Norris, Ill.
Maj. PAUL Z. WEIKEL, Springfield, Va.
Capt. EDWARD J. SCHEIMSKI, Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Airman (3rd CL.) DOYLE S. SAYERS, East Tallahassee, Ala.
Airman (2nd CL.) WILLIAM D. RANDALL, Jonesville, Mich.
Pvt. NELSON F. STROUD, a member of the Canadian armed forces belonging to West Newfoundland.

Washington (AP) -- The Air Force Sunday issued a revised list of casualties in the crash of a C-54 military transport plane near Harmon Air Force Base, Newfoundland, Friday night.
The plane, en route from St. John's crashed in misty rain a mile east of the base.
The Air Force added one name to the list released Sunday night in St. John's, raising the total number of victims to 14, including one Canadian passenger.
The added name was that of Airman First Class EVERETT N. KENNEY, husband of Mary Janet Kenney, 1207 West French Place, San Antonio, Tex. He was a passenger.
Others on the revised list included:
Maj. PAUL W. WEIKEL, next-of-kin, wife, Mrs. Doris E. Weikel, 675 Monticello Drive, Falls Church, Va.

San Antonio Express Texas 1951-01-18


Stanley W. Perry

Stanley W. Perry was my cousin. Per our family records their was a memorial for him on 4 February 1953 at Ft. Lawton, Seattle, WA, and his belongings were returned to the family in early March 1953.

Question: Are you sure about the crash being in the year 1951? I have his grandmother's journal as my reference. Nothing is mentioned in 1951 about this.

Do you have the news article? I would love a copy.

Thank you.