Davidson, NC Scaffold Collapse, Aug 1895


A Scaffold Falls at Davidson and Injures Several Persons Badly.

Special to the Observer.

DAVIDSON, Aug. 5.--Mr. Thomas Budger is building the smokestack at the Linden Cotton Mill. He and several other men were on the scaffold, about 30 feet from the ground, this morning at 9 o'clock, when a part of the scaffold gave way, precipitation Mr. Holland Helper, Mr. William Potts, (son of Mr. Thomas Potts), and Pat Sloan, colored, to the ground. The latter is seriously injured and the former badly bruised. Mr. Helper has a number of ugly cuts on his head, one two inches long, entirely through the scalp, to the bone. Although three doctors reside here, they were all away at the time of the accident, and it was sometime before any of them arrived. They examined the wounded men and report no bones broken. Pat Sloan had a large splinter through his wrist that had to be cut out.

Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC 6 Aug 1895